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Engage Learning, Inc. Permissions Policy

Engage Learning, Inc. is committed to providing educational materials and services. Through its programs and services, Engage Leaning produces a variety of publications and informational materials available in print and online. Engage Learning promotes the use of its materials for educational purposes but, as the owner of the copyright to its published materials we request that if you are interested in reproducing materials that you contact Engage Learning for written permission. The following guidelines will help you with your written request:

  • Permission for use of up to 25 percent of a publication (excluding CRA© Tools and assessment forms/packages) may be obtained for a nominal fee.
  • In cases where the use of more than 25 percent of a publication is requested, special fees and limitations may apply. Please contact Engage Learning, Inc. at info@engagelearning.com.
  • Engage Learning does not allow 100 percent of any product to be reproduced. Publications must be purchased through Engage Learning. Bulk sale discounts are available.
  • Engage Learning offers licensing and customization services for printed materials and online tools. Please contact Engage Learning, Inc. at info@engagelearning.com for more information and to receive a price quote for the materials in which you are interested.
  • Engage Learning allows and encourages you to link to www.engagelearning.com. However, we recommend linking to our home page, as content or addresses for subpages may change. If you are interested in using content from this Web site, please submit your request below.
  • To request copyright permission, or for more information on copyright permissions policies and citations, please e-mail Engage Learning, Inc. at info@engagelearning.com. and include:
    • name of the resource or article
    • volume and issue number or Web page address
    • author name
    • page(s), paragraph(s) or passage(s) you would like to excerpt
    • number of copies you would like to make
    • how you plan to use the material
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