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4-Step Process

Step 1: Data Collection

We start by really getting to know our clients' needs. Through observation, conversation and data collection, we gain an understanding of the needs, strengths and goals of our client while simultaneously assessing what they are capable of implementing. Working with our client, we develop a course of action, usually a multi-step process, to establish a concrete plan to implement systematic organizational growth.

Step 2: Skill Building

Once the goals of a project have been established Engage Learning facilitates acquisition of new skills for all members of your organization through the use of The Coaching Model™. The key elements of our model include:

  • Chunking the information into manageable pieces
  • Connecting to prior knowledge and skills of the participants
  • Eliciting thinking through questioning and reflection

Step 3: Implementation

By including the client in all parts of the learning process - assessment, content, and instructional strategies, throughout the course of the project, an organization will meet the goals of the project and individuals will gain the skills necessary to sustain organizational growth in the future.

Step 4: Support/Fine Tune Implementation

We provide steadfast support. From training new employees to helping our client visualize the next developmental step to achieving their long term goals, Engage Learning is available to help teachers fine tune implementation and provide follow-up training to further assist in professional development and implementation.

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