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Curriculum Development

When you're starting from scratch, we have a recipe for success. We provide a consultant who works closely with a team of teachers and administrators to develop the materials. Currently, we are working with several schools to develop a K-12 curriculum. Although we are developing a comprehensive curriculum for all content areas on our current projects and enjoy the opportunity to serve throughout the entire process, we are also available to develop curriculums in a variety of formats. Our clients have come to count on us for assistance with individual areas, such as:

  • Developing grade level benchmarks,
  • Creating resources for single content areas,
  • Designing sample instructional strategies, workshops, and activities to bring standards and benchmarks to life,
  • And developing yearly maps and time lines for current standards and benchmarks.

Others seek our creativity in the middle of curriculum projects or to polish and refine a finished curriculum. We approach your curriculum quandary, regardless of where you are in the process of creating or implementing one, with innovation and insight.

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