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Local Assessment Packages

Assessment is an essential tool for all student-centered classrooms. For assessment to be effective, it must be meaningful, clear, consistent, and ongoing. Engage Learning can help staff members of your school implement effective assessments by providing you with the necessary materials and working with your staff at each step of the assessment process. We will ensure that assessments are administered effectively and that the data is organized and used to inform instruction.

Engage Learning Assessment Packages provide each teacher with the information and support he or she needs to administer the assessments, organize the data, and use the data to inform instruction. Each Assessment Package includes the following:

  • Binders, dividers, and reporting forms
  • Instructions, teacher scripts, and tip sheets
  • Information on scoring information, assessment window and planning strategies

The reporting forms included can be used to triangulate the assessment data, and include individual reports as well as year-long summaries.

Pricing of each Assessment Package will vary. An Assessment Package purchased for the first time will be priced at a rate commensurate with new implementation, as additional support and training to launch the system will be provided. Schools renewing a package will receive a reduced renewal rate, and will receive all available updates and new forms in addition to the core set of materials. The rate for Language Arts Assessment Package will vary based on the school's existing reading program and individual reading assessment. We will work with your existing programs, or work with you to find the individual reading assessment that is right for your school. Language Arts and Math Assessment Packages can be purchased for individual classrooms or for school-wide implementation at a reduced rate. Please contact the Engage Learning office to get a quote for your school.

Language Arts Assessment Packages

The Engage Learning Arts Assessment Package includes the clear, easy, ongoing local assessments that will determine the instructional level of each student and provide the information necessary to differentiate instruction. The Language Arts Assessment Package includes the following parts:

  • Part 1: Basic Phonics Inventory
  • Part 2: Spelling Inventory
  • Part 3: Vocabulary Assessment
  • Part 4: Individual Reading Assessment

These assessments provide the multiple sets of data necessary for a complete picture of student progress and needs. This package also provides a variety of formats, using individual, small group and whole group arrangements.

Mathematics Assessment Packages

The Engage Learning Math Assessment Package includes a four-part assessment that incorporates strategies to test all learning styles and intelligences and address all NCTM and state standards. The four parts of the Engage Learning Math Assessment are:

  • Part 1: Computation
  • Part 2: Problem Solving
  • Part 3: Small Group Assessment
  • Part 4: Individual Performance Task

Together, these four parts allow a comprehensive look at students' math instructional level, and include varied formats. In addition, these four parts give teachers information on students' basic fact accuracy and fluency, as well as assess their mathematical processes.

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