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Engage Learning continues to receive high marks from the teachers and administrators who use our services. We see results immediately, when, after a one-day workshop or initial training, participants report a greater understanding of the topic presented and a feeling of genuine empowerment. Engage Learning repeatedly achieves long term results including greater job satisfaction for personnel, a positive change in the overall attitude of an organization, fewer discipline referrals, and greater student achievement.

Other Results Include:

  • Teachers learning how to implement and support active, inquiry-based, student-centered instruction
  • Greater parent involvement in learning and classroom activities
  • Students taking ownership of their learning through collaboration, cooperation, investigation, self-assessment, and research
  • Teachers developing strategies for teaching multiple intelligences, and creating appropriate materials
  • Development of school-wide literacy assessment programs
  • Implementation of guided reading and the development of school book rooms
  • Mapping of K-12 literacy and math curriculums
  • Implementation of a workshop model in K-8 classrooms and incorporating differentiated instruction for students K-12
  • Implementation of teacher observation and evaluation models
  • Training of 32 teachers to be mentors at their school sites

We emphasize evaluations and other data as key tools for informed development of our future training ventures. Evaluations are collected for every type of service Engage Learning provides. Quantitative data is gathered on long term projects to provide statistical results to contractors and for internal training purposes.

Specific articles, reports, or data detailing site specific results can be reviewed in PDF format under the News link.

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