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Collaborative, Comprehensive, Consistent, Committed, Customized.

We recognize that in order for quality educational experiences to occur, all members of your team need to commit to collaborate in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive program that contains consistent goals, expectations, and philosophy. All players should take an active role and share a common foundation, understanding, and commitment. As team members reach toward these goals, information, resources, strategies and support should be within arm's length.

Engage Learning can work with an organization at any level of the development or implementation process. Whether we're needed when the light bulbs of conceptualization are starting to blink, or whether you require our help for the refinement of a vision, we have the staff and energy to carry your vision forward. We are committed to working with individuals or groups who have their sights set on growth, and to creating the customized, comprehensive, consistent model that will inform the learning process of all students and staff.

Student-Centered Learning

Student-centered learning is the model that invites students to participate, question, and interact with one another and with the teaching staff in meaningful ways. Children become passionate about learning that is grounded in their own experiences. Active, engaging classroom methods lead them to knowledge.

All of our services are available in the form of:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Small, grade-level workshops
  • School-wide staff development seminars
  • District, agency, or area-wide trainings
  • Summer Institutes

We offer several categories of service, which can be accomplished in any of the above formats. General categories include:

Engage Learning does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to educating educators. We know that each school, administrator, teacher, and student is different and has distinct needs. If you have a specific goal or need, and you feel it does not fit into one of the above categories, we encourage you to contact us so we can customize our services to suit your organization and deliver the results you desire.

Multiple Schools With Unifying Goals

Since its inception, Engage Learning has been committed to each level of education, and our commitment to larger systems has been demonstrated by our successes in programs involving large groups of schools. We work with the school system or district administrators to define overarching goals for the project as well as site based administrators to target individual site goals. Based on the project goals and desired level of implementation, we provide extensive trainings and resources, assist with the development of customized materials, long-range planning and implementation strategies for staff members at each level of the organization. Typically, this type of training is done in multiple training formats with several different observations, training, coaching and modeling sessions for each group of staff members. District, organization or system wide trainings that Engage Learning has been involved in or are currently implementing include:

  • administrator training and development on an individual or group basis
  • grade-level team development
  • curriculum mapping and curriculum development with an administrative or curriculum team
  • program development
  • materials development
  • content instruction training
  • technology plan development and training

Engage Learning consultants rise to the occasion when a group of sites or an entire school system is eager to invoke positive, school-wide changes.

Sample Project Plans

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