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Engage Learning was created to provide the professional development and growth needed to implement a successful student-centered learning model to all students, to link teachers with the best educational research, to refine and share the 'best practices' of teaching and learning, and to give educators the opportunities to network with consultants and other professionals.

Engage Learning was started in October of 2001, and with the decision to make the company a full-fledge venture, it became incorporated in April of 2002. Among the early projects was a contract with the Family and Child Education (FACE) Program for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Engage Learning worked closely with staff at the 32 FACE schools, and achieved measurable classroom outcomes. In the momentum generated from the FACE project, Engage Learning was able to expand its administrative staff and hire additional consultants.

Today, Engage Learning serves everyone from struggling school groups that are in danger of losing funding to high-performing districts that seek the specific areas of expertise that only Engage Learning specialists can offer.

As our company has grown and evolved, our commitment has not changed. We continue to learn, grow, and reflect. We focus intently on K-12 classrooms and services for administrators. Whatever their needs, our clients have confirmed the effectiveness of what more than twenty years of teaching and researching has told us.

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