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President and CEO

Diana Jo Johnston

Our founder, Diana Johnston, decided to start her own educational consulting and research firm after wearing many educational hats and promoting positive school changes in all areas of her profession. Throughout the past three decades, Diana has served as an elementary principal, a classroom teacher — leading kindergarten through sixth grade, a Dropout Prevention Coordinator working with students in Pre-K through high school, and as an educational consultant sharing her expertise and insight with countless colleagues.

Diana holds a B.A. in Behavioral Science, an M.A. in Education Administration and an M.A. in Elementary Education with a specialization in Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities. Additionally, Diana holds many certificates in specialized training and uses her expertise as an advisory member of several educational boards and organizations.

Diana brings to the table an extensive history of working with students, teachers and administrators from all educational, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. With her range of experiences working with diverse individuals, combined with her intuitive sense about children and how they learn, Diana can provide support for teachers and students with a range of educational needs. From counseling a parent of a high school dropout, to coaching teachers as a school principal, to teaching a struggling reader, Diana's interactions across the educational spectrum have provided her with concrete examples to serve as an educational leader and consultant at any level.

Through her passion for educating young children, her varied pedagogical experiences and her ability to utilize current educational research, Diana has become a leader in the field of educational consulting. Developing curriculums, training new teachers, working with seasoned administrators, and training model teachers to become consultants are just some of the ways Diana has worked with public, private, charter and grant schools within the United States and abroad.

Her educational experiences allow her to quickly assess the needs of teachers and administrators to help them develop either a short-term strategy or a long-term plan that matches their needs.

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